Our Events

We know how to make cool events in which you want to participate. We have organized conferences, meetups and supported the Python community for seven years.
13.06.2024 | Munich, Germany
PyMunich June Meetup @TNG
Together with PyLadies Munich we are embarking on an exciting collaboration with TNG Technology Consulting GmbH and learn about RAG applications as well as the reasons behind Python's widespread use while connecting with like-minded python enthusiasts in a supportive community.
21.05.2024 | Munich, Germany
PyMunich May Meetup @Adesso
We are excited to get together with adesso SE Munich for another inspiring PyMunich meetup event in May. Adesso will provide their innovative space for 'new thinking' enabling you to soak up all the new Python insights.
18.04.2024 | Munich, Germany
PyMunich April Meetup @Zeiss
We are thrilled about our collaboration with Carl Zeiss AG for our PyMunich Meetup in April that promises to deliver unparalleled insights into the world of technology and Python.
26.03.2024 | Munich, Germany
PyMunich March Bash @LeWagon
Join us for our first hybrid PyMunich Meetup of 2024 featuring fantastic talks at LeWagon’s cozy event space. It will be streamed on Youtube too.
27.11.2023 | Munich, Germany
PyMunich Christmas Meetup
Our hybrid Xmas Meetup featured three fantastic Python talks at the new and shiny event space of Netlight Consulting GmbH
22.09.2022 | Munich, Germany
PyMunich September Meetup
A hybrid meetup in Munich, streamed to Youtube. Featuring 3 talks all around Python.
04.12.2021 | Odesa, Ukraine
Cloud Anywhere, Python Edition
An offline meetup in Odesa focusing on Python backends in the AWS Cloud.